How We Do It.

It's no small task bringing patients in through your doors.  We'll create an optimized plan, specific to your practice, using proven, revenue driven marketing methods.

Let's walk through it.

Let's Get


We'll schedule an initial meet & greet so we can learn more about your practice, your patients, & how we can best serve you. We'll ask the questions so we can begin to tailor a practice specific strategy, goals, & objectives.

Time To


Now that we've got the specifics under our belt, we'll begin to create a game plan to move forward and create a recognizable brand for your practice. We'll work with you to come up with a design that best represents you and your practice.

If You

Build It

Once we sign off on a design package, we'll begin to build all the collateral required to move forward.  From logos to website, we'll take your practice into the digital age to ensure your best represented to your prospective patients.

They Will


Today, over 55% of prospective patients begin their healthcare journey searching for providers online.  Even more consult social media and other review sites before selecting care.  We'll publish your newly designed website, apply all of your refreshed branding to social media, places pages, review sites, & more.

Time To


Now it's time to optimize.  We'll make sure your website is SEO friendly so that your site is visible to the patients searching for the care you provide. We'll optimize all of your social media pages, places pages, & review sites as well.  Ultimately, bringing your way up the search results.

Here We


Now that we're ready, we'll develop a plan for patient acquisition.  We'll create a marketing strategy around the care you provide.  From paid advertising to social media, we'll come up with a plan defined on a budget and ready for efficient implementation.

Time To


We'll continually analyze data and results to predefined performance indicators.  We'll let you know how your marketing dollars are being spent and right the ship if need be.  Our results are transparent, clear, and easy to read.


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